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Real People's Stories

Real People’s Stories – Female, 51

When her SKs appeared in her 40s, they multiplied fast. “They were like a snowball going downhill,” says this 51-year-old. “If I can slow down my SKs, I can slow down aging.” She doesn’t fuss over her appearance. She colors her own hair. She doesn’t wear makeup to...

Real People’s Stories – Female , 58

She had acne as a child. Finally, she got clear skin as an adult. Then the SKs showed up - rough, scaly, dark spots on her 58-year-old skin. The spots make her look older than she is and older than she feels, in her heart. Hear her story.

Real People’s Stories – Female, 42

This 42-year-old has DPN growths on her cheeks and around her eyes. She thinks she looks closer to 50. “There’s a sadness to that.” Having clear skin “makes you feel vibrant and relevant,” she says. Hear her story.

Real People’s Stories – Male, 49

“I feel like a fat, spotted leopard with my SKs,” says this 49-year-old male. He cuts the lawn in the heat with a t-shirt on. He worries people will think he has something contagious. He worries he looks slovenly. Hear his story.